In keeping with AA’s 7th tradition which states “EVERY A.A. GROUP OUGHT TO BE FULLY SELF-SUPPORTING, DECLINING OUTSIDE CONTRIBUTIONS” we can ONLY accept contributions from A.A. members. By donating, you acknowledge you are an AA member. All donations to the Wilmington Area Intergroup Association, Inc. are used to support Intergroup activities may be tax deductible. 

Individual Contributions


An individual AA member donates to support Intergroup.


Modeled after the GSO Birthday Plan, an individual AA member donates an amount (usually $1 or $2) for each year of sobriety. Some members like to donate $3.65 (penny per day) for each year.


Created by a former Intergroup Office Manager, individual AA members can donate $5 per month. Donations can be $5 per month, $60 per year or any combination.

Donate to Intergroup

Virtual Basket/Group Contributions

Use the Virtual Basket to make your group contributions. Please indicate your group in the “write a note” section.

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